About 1VoIP

1Voip offers professional, personalized and complete IT services to interested companies. The primary objective we pursue in each project is to make optimal use of our expertise and services personalization to develop solutions that perfectly match customer needs, helping them to improve their infrastructure and business processes. The added efficiency gain allows customers to target their financial resources and time to grow their business.

VoIP Solutions

From the connectivity point of view, 1VoIP can adapt almost any combination of the following variants:

  • Integration of classic analogue phones (possibly already acquired) into the VoIP (Voice over IP) network by using external adapters such as Cisco, Grandstream or Welltech;
  • interconnection of analogue external lines (e.g. Romtelecom) to the company data network through Grandstream or Welltech external adapters;
  • Type E1 or GSM interconnection (with one or more channels - for example, with each mobile operator you want) via external GSM adapters;
  • Interconnect the customized PBX with any external (analog, E1, GSM) or telephone (analogue, digital or VoIP) external lines via Digium, Synway, beroNet and Openvox internal adapters.

Looking for a cheap VoIP?

1VoIP offers the personalized solution at competitive prices tailored to your needs.

Customized solutions provide maximum flexibility based on regular hardware (including desktop), provided by 1VoIP or provided by the customer, equipped with internal telephone cards (adapters) according to the desired connectivity types and with Open Source software (Linux operating system, Asterisk telephony server).

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