VoIP Solutions

From the connectivity point of view, 1VoIP can adapt almost any combination of the following variants:

  • Integration of classic analogue phones (possibly already acquired) into the VoIP (Voice over IP) network by using external adapters such as Cisco, Grandstream or Welltech;
  • interconnection of analogue external lines (e.g. Romtelecom) to the company data network through Grandstream or Welltech external adapters;
  • Type E1 or GSM interconnection (with one or more channels - for example, with each mobile operator you want) via external GSM adapters;
  • Interconnect the customized PBX with any external (analog, E1, GSM) or telephone (analogue, digital or VoIP) external lines via Digium, Synway, beroNet and Openvox internal adapters.